What Should You Know About Italian brides? All Secrets Of Italian Women For Marriage

To find a wife among Italian brides, one should know a few facts. This article contains the most significant information you may need to date a girl from Italy: pros and cons of dating an Italian mail order wife, myths about these women, mail order Italian bride cost and prices, and traditions and cultural peculiarities of girls from this country.

Pros and cons of dating Italian brides

Italian mail order wife

Knowing what to expect from a date with Italian mail order wife can be incredibly useful. Let’s find out potential pros and cons of having relationships with these women.


  • Italian brides are exceptionally passionate and emotional
  • Women from Italy possess unique beauty
  • Brides from Europe country have decent English
  • Italian ladies wish to build a strong family


  • Dating Italian brides can be challenging because they are very stubborn
  • To find a wife among Italian brides you have to deal with her temper and emotions

Myths about mail order brides from Italy

mail order brides from Italy

Often, guys have a wrong impression about online dating services and women who become mail order brides. We would like to offer you a few most common myths about an Italian mail order wife so that you could understand what is true and what is false.

Women from Italy only pursue your wealth

Absolutely no. Girls who become mail order brides seek a date online for various reasons, but not to gain your money. Of course, some women may have such goals, but you can be sure that most adequate dating platforms would not allow such women to use their services.

All Italian ladies are too independent

If an Italian wife finds a matching man who can provide for her and protect from the rest of the world, you can be sure that she will act dependently and humbly.

Brides from Italy are too jealous and quick-tempered

Although there is a grain of truth in this myth, not all women will act in such a way. However, we would just recommend you give no cause for your date to act jealous.

Mail order Italian bride cost – how much you have to pay

We have come to one of the most important parts of our article – discussion about the prices for online dating services with Italian mail order brides. Let’s find out how much do you need to spend to enjoy communication with these magnificent ladies!

Websites that offer monthly membership

You will find a number of dating platforms that implement membership models. In a nutshell, such sites have fee-based tools and options that will offer you a better quality of communication. In order to gain access to these features, one should become a premium member by paying a certain fee. Although each site defines its prices individually, here you can take a look at average prices for such services:

  • 1 month – $15-20
  • 3 months – $30-40
  • 6 months – $50-60
  • 12 months – $80-100

Websites that offer a credit-based system

You may also find platforms with credit-based system that is quite popular nowadays. To use it, you just need to purchase local currency that is used on a site and spend it to communicate and find a mail order wife among Italian brides. It is quite a simple and convenient way so that you can enjoy your experience of dating Italian brides. Here are the average prices for these credits:

  • 10 credits – $20
  • 50 credits – $80
  • 100 credits – $140
  • 200 credits – $200
  • 350 credits – $300

Cultural peculiarities of an Italian mail order wife

Hot Italian women for marriage

Lastly, let’s mention a few things about Italian mail order brides and their most definitive cultural traits!

Passionate and devoted

Italian women, like French brides, are incredibly passionate and loyal. Your wife will remain by your side whether you have problems or not.


Women from this country dream of starting a family with a confident, successful, and mature man who is not afraid of commitment and responsibilities.


Some ladies from this country may be quite quick-tempered. However, having relationships with such a woman is a unique experience!

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