Things You Should Know About Scam On Dating Sites To Avoid It

A lot of men have come to realize how helpful the mail order bride industry is when it comes to finding a great wife. Unfortunately, fraudsters have also realized this, and they are targeting men looking for wives. We’ve compiled these five tips to help you avoid getting robbed of your information and money.

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Never send money outside the platform

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Many studies have been conducted to investigate why we behave so differently when we are in love. It’s almost like our brains stop working, and we only listen to our emotional heart. You need to keep your guard up in times when you’ve found a lady you truly love.

She may ask you to send her money or gifts outside the dating platform. If she does, that could be a serious red flag because you have no way of securing your payment or confirming her identity. It is why many agencies allow you to send your mail order bride gifts through the website. That way, they are directly responsible for your money.

Use reputable agencies

The fact that you have to use reputable agencies cannot be overemphasized. The internet is a big place, and there’s no way to tell which websites are authentic and which ones are absolute frauds. That’s why many people only feel safe with websites they’ve heard about before.

Nobody needs to tell you to trust Amazon or eBay because they are brand names. Likewise, you shouldn’t sign up with every website that catches your eye. Instead, stick with the ones with a name and track record. They are safer, and they also offer a better dating experience.

Don’t share your personal information

It’s good to write an in-depth and expository “about me” piece for your profile. But, you have to be careful not to share any personal information that can be used to hack you. Feel free to talk about yourself, your hobbies, and your aspirations.

But, you have to be wary of sharing your address, email, and phone number. Websites that ask for this information often assure you that the information will be kept confidential. Under these circumstances, you can share the information. But otherwise, keep it to yourself.

Adopt healthy skepticism

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By healthy skepticism, we mean you should ask questions about the mail order brides you’re talking to, whether you are a Slavic Bride or a European Bride. You can start by looking at their profiles. Are they new? Do they have generic information? Do the pictures look like stock photos? If the answers to all of this are yes, you may be chatting with a fraudster.

You can also ask the lady some questions about herself and her home country. A video chat is always helpful, and if she’s avoiding it, you should be concerned.

Make sure the payment platform has a secure connection

Cybercriminals have gotten so smart that fake websites aren’t the only ways they can steal your information. Sometimes, you can make a payment on a legitimate website and still have your information stolen. Most websites will redirect you to a different page to make online payments. Before you enter any information, you need to ensure that this page has a secure connection.

If it doesn’t, hackers and cybercriminals can still break in and access your information. And, they’ll do it under the nose of the dating agency too. Granted, this tactic is tough to pull off; it depends on the dating agency’s oversight and the criminal’s access to private information. But, it’s still a possibility, and you should be aware of it.

Treva Brandon Scharf
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