Why Do Women Around The World Become Mail Order Brides?

If you’re like many skeptics, then you probably think that mail order brides are too good to be true. It’s difficult to accept that there are tons of beautiful women waiting to meet and fall in love with you online. You may even begin to ask yourself why they would want to become mail order brides in the first place.

Women become mail order brides for lots of reasons, and these reasons have nothing to do with anything fraudulent or mischievous. Here are some reasons why women become order brides. As you read through them, you’ll begin to understand these women’s choices.

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To find better men

Mail order brides often seek husbands outside their own countries because they can’t find a suitable mate around them. This reason is most common in countries like Russia, where men are prone to behaviors like domestic abuse and alcoholism.

mail order brides

In this instance, these women want to marry someone who will love and care for them in a way that they deserve. You should also consider that the ratio of women to men in mail order-oriented countries like Russia is 1.15 to 1. These women have to look outside their country if they hope to find a husband.

To receive love

In many Asian countries, the men are loving and caring enough to treat their women right. However, a demography of women – older women and divorcees – is shunned because of societal perception. These women are often seen as damaged goods or as having extra baggage. Many men are afraid to marry them because of what others might say.

It’s so extreme that some women are considered undesirable once they are past the age of 25. Luckily for these women, foreign men see their value and are more than willing to settle down with them. These women are eager to sign up to mail order websites for the simple opportunity to be loved and wanted.

To get a better life

Many countries with Asian mail order brides, like the Philippines, are developing countries. The standards of living are very low, and many of the citizens struggle to get by. In these countries, women become mail order brides in the hopes of marrying a foreigner who has the means to support them and raise a family with them.

This reason is quite tricky because it doesn’t necessarily mean that these women are only out for financial benefit. They just want the best life for themselves and their future families.

To experience excitement

mail order women

Anyone that’s ever signed up to a dating website will tell you that it can be a very thrilling experience. You never know who you’re going to meet, as any one of the thousands of users could be your love interest and soul mate. Online dating has a similar allure to signing up as a mail order bride. You get to meet and interact with men from all over the world.

Being a mail order bride is also exciting because it has the potential to change your life forever. One minute, you’re in your home country, and the next, you’re immersed in a different culture, complete with its own rules and regulations.

Treva Brandon Scharf
Life Coach And Dating Expert
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