Tips On How To Impress Women And Get Their Attention In Online Dating

If you’ve ever looked for tips on how to impress women, then the chances are that you’ve already encountered a few of them. Tips like “buy her gifts” and “spend lots of time with her” are great for getting a lady’s attention. But, if you really want to impress and make her a part of your life, then you need to up the ante. Here are four tips that will take you beyond the cliché to the sophisticated when it comes to impressing women.

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Give her space

All girls need space, from Asian girls to girls from Slavic countries. This tip may sound like a tactic to get her to chase you, but it’s not. As much as women want to be loved and adored, they also want to be treated with respect. Trying to force yourself into every aspect of her life will do nothing but chase her away. You need to give her some space and let her bring you in at her own pace.

Giving her space also lets you see who she really is. People tend to hide their true natures in the early stages of a relationship because they aren’t sure of how things will proceed. Giving her space allows both of you to observe each other and know each other from afar.

Support her

Conventional knowledge has it that supporting a woman has to do with money and finances. “You need to help her with the bills and buy the things she needs.” While that’s certainly a part of it, support to a woman is more than just cutting a cheque.

To support her, you need to be there for her in good times and bad. If she’s having a crisis or a tough time, cutting a cheque won’t do any good. You need to sit with her, comfort her, and encourage her. Supporting her also means offering ideas and suggestions and helping her achieve her goals.

Make her a part of your life

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Earlier, we discussed the importance of giving her space. But it’s also possible to give her so much space that you push her away. Instead, as you give her space, simultaneously invite her into your life and let her decide how involved she wants to be.

If it’s a physical relationship, ask her to accompany you to events. If it’s an online relationship, there are still plenty of ways to make her a part of your life. You can tell her about events in your life and share experiences with her.

Tell her what you really think

We often limit ourselves to sweet words and compliments at the beginning of a relationship. It’s not until later that our true thoughts come out. If you want to earn her respect, tell her what you think. Don’t make everything that comes out of your mouth a version of “you’re perfect. ”

People appreciate honesty, and yours will show her that you love her enough to tell her the truth. Not only will she respect you, but she’ll also see how much better her life can be with you in it.

The bottom line

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As you can see, these tips are quite different from the generic ones you come across everywhere. The classical approach – tell her she’s pretty and buy her gifts – is good for piquing her interest. But, if you really want to make her yours, then these four tips are the way to go.

Treva Brandon Scharf
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